A new door…

You ready to go inside?

After 18 months of carrying around everything I own in a suitcase (I’m too old to carry a backpack, especially given my girl scout – or is the boy scouts who are always prepared?- tendency to over-pack), sleeping in a new and usually uncomfortable new bed every few nights, eating from street vendors and hostel kitchens (eww, which is worse!?), tramping all over foreign cities and rice paddies, travelling hours on cramped buses and trains with no temperature control, about a hundred Suh-lur-pees, and trying to remember how to say “where is the…?”, “thank you”, and of course, “I don’t want!” in 6 different languages, I’m ready to put down some roots.

That being said, my family moved to a new town while I was away, so even the seemingly mundane becomes an adventure. I have no idea what I’ll find in Berkeley Springs, WV (pop. 600), only that I’m ready to go through a new door.  I found this picture of one of the temples in Angkor Wat, Cambodia appropriate for the occasion.

One response to “A new door…

  1. wow this was sooooooo long ago, and the population is 603 lol and I could totally gor for a suhlurpee right now =)

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