Let it snow!

photo by biggirllittlegirl

After going a year without seeing any snow, I have to say I’m pretty excited about the 2 FEET of white fluffy happiness covering the ground outside right now. I wasn’t as excited when I was nearing the end of a 14-hour drive from Missouri to West Virginia around 10pm when the snow started to accumulate on the roads, but I’m loving it now that I’m safe inside next to the fireplace with Wii Fit and a quilting project ahead of me, surrounded by baked goods and fluffy pets.

Today, to celebrate the biggest snowfall in my adult memory, I’ve become a little girl again and made snow ice cream! For those of you who aren’t familiar (were you neglected as a child!?), you basically scoop up some snow, add milk, vanilla and sugar. Snow selection is very important. In addition to the obvious avoidance of yellow snow, I’ve also always tried to avoid making snow ice cream with the first snowfall of the season (superstition, perhaps), and I remove the top layer of snow and avoid getting too near to the ground to avoid dirt and pollution. I’m also funny about not getting snow that is anywhere near where anyone has walked, but that’s mostly because it’s just prettier there and seems more… serene? Just add your other ingredients in incriments until it’s a consistency and taste that makes you happy. Enjoy!

My next project is going through all of the boxes of clothes I left in my aunt’s shed last June. It’s funny to have so many clothes after living out of a suitcase for the past year and a half. I can’t help but feel like I have too much. More on that later.

4 responses to “Let it snow!

  1. Snow ice cream?! I have never heard of this. šŸ™‚ I’m glad that you’re enjoying yourself in WV. Have a great holiday!

  2. I haven’t thought of snow ice cream in a long time, but used to love it as a little girl!! šŸ™‚

  3. hmmm I wonder if I could make it with a snowcone maker? A good project for us when I get home.

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