Quilting Updates

I’ve finally started “quilting” my gigantic queen-sized rail fence quilt. For those of you who aren’t familiar with quilt terminology, the overall process of quilting is broken down into a bunch of steps, one of which is actually called quilting, just to confuse you. Putting the pieces together for the top is called “piecing”, and “quilting” is when you sew all of the layers (top, batting, and back) together.

I was a bit nervous about this step because you can actually SEE all of the stitches. In fact, some consider this to be the truly artistic part of quilting, and if you’ve ever seen an Amish quilt up close, you’ll know what I mean. Some of the patterns quilters create are absolutely amazing!

My patterns are starting out a bit simpler and I’m using a machine from now on, to do what’s called free motion quilting. You basically use your hands to move the fabric around to lie the stitches down in a pattern, and it goes pretty fast!  I’ve been practicing on smaller things, like potholders (these pink ones were for my friend Renae, made from scraps from the vintage sheet I used for the back of the BIG quilt) and my supercool quilting guild name tag (seen here are the front as I was attaching the binding, and the back- note the pretty stitching!)

But now I’ve moved on to the BIG project and have, in fact, used an entire spool of thread. I don’t think I’ve ever come to the center of a spool of thread in my entire life and all of the crafty projects I’ve ever done, so I’m fascinated that it can happen in a few hours with ONE project. Wow. My sister Hannah took lots of photos to document the momentous occasion

I’m as impressed with her constantly improving photography skills as I am by my constantly improving quilting skills. There were quite a few needle casualties for some reason on this recent project. I kept hitting the pins that I couldn’t see on the opposite side :/ I’ve gotten better.

In other project updates, the sketches of triangles and plaid squares and giraffes and acacia trees have started to come to fruition. The giraffe ended up smaller than expected, sadly, so we might make another “mommy” giraffe to add. This one should be finished by the end of the week (if Caitlin ever draws the other, bigger, giraffe!).

2 responses to “Quilting Updates

  1. wow. your stipping looks great. i need to practice my stippling as i just finished up a doll quilt top. i have been using scraps, but i need soem new potholders so what a greay to practice and be practical!
    I love your giraffe quilt, i think it would be super cute with a mommy next to it!

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