Quilts everywhere!

I’ve finally finished my giant quilt! It was tough to quilt because the darn thing is sooo big and heavy, but I made it, and I slept with it on my bed last night. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to use it because there’s usually at least one dog or cat sleeping with me and I didn’t want them to furball it up, but I was just too excited. Besides, I’m not the kind of girl who carefully wraps everything in plastic and stores it away to keep it safe- I USE my things!

Once I’d tackled this massive project I felt more confident about quilting the chocolate yard square quilt I’ve made for the quilt guild action. I am so excited about how this one turned out that now I’m not sure if I can give it up!

So…. to make sure I have one to donate, I started another quilt, this time using fabrics that I was tired of. Of course, now that it’s all coming together I don’t really want to give this one up either. How do people sell and give away quilts!? I want to keep them all!!!

One response to “Quilts everywhere!

  1. Wow! I wouldnt want to part with either! Your stippling looks SO fabulous! and I love the straight-geometric feel of the second one!

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