Crafty Inspirations!

I’m trapped in the house (and it’s snowing again!) and I’ve finished all of my quilts and it’s time to start a new project (or five), so I’ve been spending a few hours poking around on other people’s blogs, looking for inspiration. I’ll direct you to check out  my fabulous new “links” section, where you can find my favorite crafty/quilty/photography (in the works) blogs, as well as some of my favorite story tellers and explorers. There’s also a section with projects I’d like to try out. Id like to make some quilted things to sell at the quilt show in May at the IceHouse in Berkeley Springs, WV.  I don’t know if they even need to be quilted, but presumably they should be made out of fabric. What fabric-y things would you buy if you were the sort of person who went to quilt shows? Any suggestions are welcome!

From Beth’s Crafty Folder

4 responses to “Crafty Inspirations!

  1. I did make some napkins the other day, from scraps from the big quilt, that everyone liked. perhaps I could make some more of those. I think I’ll poke my nose around and see what sorts of things other people are making for the show. My only concnern is that I think the items have to be very “quilty”.

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