Updates & Anxiety

I’ve been neglecting my blog for a number of reasons, which I’m too tired to write about, but will list instead, in random order (or in order that I feel like talking about)…

1. I got a job! Or two, actually. I starting nannying for a lovely family a few weeks ago and they keep me pretty busy. I also started enumerating for the census. We’re currently in the questionnaire delivery phase. I’ll have to cross my fingers and hope they hire me back for the next phase(s).

See that house up there on the right? Census duty calls!

2. I’ve been quilting like crazy! I submitted 4 yard square quilts for the charity auction in May. Did I mention that I just learned to quilt around Christmas time? And I’ve finished 2 other quilts (one baby, one queen sized bed) and 2 more quilt tops (one yard square and one queen). I really hate making the backs and cutting the batting. Lame.

Zig Zag quilt top

Wonky Star in progress (the top is finished now!)

3. Teach for America has got me all in a fuddle. T minus 21 hours and counting till I receive notice of the final decision. I go through flip flops of thinking that I’m a shoe-in to thinking that I’m a complete idiot who shouldn’t be allowed within 100 yards of a school. I don’t know if I’ve ever wanted something so badly and been so unsure of it. I suppose it’s because I’m not quite as self-assured as I used to be, as opposed to never having wanted things in the past.

Subway in DC – on my way to the TFA interview

4. My sisters are hogging the desktop computer and the laptop has a virus (the same one that attacked the desktop a month or so ago). I’ve got to hide that Sims game!

5. My nana recently passed away and I’m not ready to acknowledge it yet, but I feel like I should. I want to shout from the rooftops about how amazing she was, but I don’t want it to become real. So… I delay and avoid. Good techniques I’ve picked up over the years as a graduate student. I’m also still avoiding talking about my uncle John passing away in September of the year before last while I was in Australia. It feels like he’s out of town for the weekend and has been indefinitely delayed.

The day I heard nana was in the hospital I went to buy myself ice cream and the Food Lion was OUT!

I’m going to try to distract myself tomorrow by working as late as possible so I won’t have too many hours to pace and twiddle my thumbs. If it’s good news I’ll post right away. If not… well, there may be more ice cream and procrastination involved.

3 responses to “Updates & Anxiety

  1. oh hugs to you, to be strong about your nana. time will makes things easier, I assume.
    You are quilting up a strom, I cant believe it! and yeah, I hate peicing large backings too! I always feel like i get so close to the end of a project, and thats when I want to call it quits!
    good luck on the teach for america, i think being self aware and doubting yourself is normal, hopefully it turns out well!

  2. Thanks Beth. TFA was a no-go, but as more time passes (it’s been a week since I found out) I’m more and more reassured that it wasn’t the right place for me, at least right now. I really thought it was, but I’m not really in the right place for it just yet. Still following a lot of other leads that I’m sure I’ll blab on about on here, lol.

    I’m almost finished with the back of the big zig-zag quilt!

    • Tamar,
      I’m so sorry that you lost your nana, that’s sad.:-(

      And hey…Do you think you might be working through the grieving process in your own way? Perhaps through quilting? I really know what you mean though T…I think I also perfected my avoidance skills during college. But then sometimes a person does need time to let ideas develop + take shape.
      Your quilt design is so beautiful!

      I love ya friend. Take care!

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