Letterboxing Find!

I woke up early Friday and went for a hike at Cacapon State Park with the dogs. I was brave and took THREE of them with me (Barley, Ziggy and Molly). I only got tangled into knots once when they saw a deer and tried to pursue, taking me with them.  At the top of the ridge I saw a bright pink tuperwear box shoved into a little crevice and poorly hidden by a rock.

Sprint PictureMail


It was a letterbox! If you don’t know about letterboxing, I think you are missing out. The basic idea is that people hide little boxes all over the country, and then other people follow clues to go out and find them. In the boxes are a log book for the finder to write in and stamp, and a stamp, usually hand-carved, for the finder to stamp into their own book. I’m fascinated by the idea that these little treasures are hidden all around me. If you’re interested, you can go to letterboxing.org or atlasquest.com and get all the full details. This box didn’t actually have a stamp in it, and doesn’t seem to have clues on either of the sites I mentioned. Instead there were lots of little strips of paper and some pens. People had left little notes, including one by a girl who had written that she was from Berkeley Springs and was out hiking with her guy, trying to find love again, and another from the guy saying that he wasn’t allowed to read her note, lol.

Sprint PictureMail

One of the reasons I love letterboxing is because they are usually hidden in state parks or on hiking trails, though they can also be hidden in urban areas by crafty hiders. There have been a number of occasions where I went to a park or a town I’d never even heard of because there was a letterbox there. I like collecting stamps and seeing all the cool ways people make boxes, books, and stamps, and how they write their clues, so I can improve my own boxes. It’s the gold star kid in me, and I’m embracing it!

2 responses to “Letterboxing Find!

  1. I too have heard about this a few times on other blogs.. This would be something fun to look into to go and check out new parks and places.. how fun!

  2. awww the girl finding it was cool and that she wouldn’t let him read the note made me laugh.

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