Enjoying Nature

I’ve been so busy lately getting things sorted out for my new job, tieing up loose ends before the quilt show, squeezing all the fun things in before last day of work, and finishing Zach’s quilt that I’ve barely had any time to do anything fun for myself! Today, after giving the dog a bath (not fun!) and cleaning out my car (not fun!) I went on a wander through the woods to forage for ramps. For those of you not from West Virginia, ramps are a sort of highly sought after wild garlic that grow in the woods for 3-4 weeks in the spring. The plants look like a lily of some sort above ground and have a bulb below ground. Both parts are edible, with the greens being less potent. Just chop roughly and sauté in olive oil! Unfortunately I didn’t find any, but it was a nice walk all the same. I was escorted by Barley and Ziggy, as usual, and Molly and even Sophie (our adventurous calendar kitty) followed alone. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a cat go on a hike before. She kept up surprisingly well! I say that not because I was surprised to see she was quick enough, which she most definitely was, but because she actually stayed with me the whole time when I expected her to be more cat-like and lose interest in me and wander off to do her own thing.

While I was walking I saw a turtle and was startled to realize that I don’t think I’ve ever seen a turtle in the woods. I’ve seen them mostly on the side of the road or while canoeing on the rivers of Missouri. When I was little we used to pull over and help all the turtles cross the road in the spring. My mom is the best 🙂  When I got home I took a nap in the hammock with the dogs looking very handsome and clean and noble laying in the grass next to me. Occasionally and for very brief periods of time, Ziggy would try to join me in the hammock. He didn’t like how his feet went through the holes and I didn’t like his fat little body squishing mine so it didn’t work out. perhaps my next sewing project will be to make a cushion and pillow for the hammock.

One response to “Enjoying Nature

  1. wow, that sounds like it was a good time, and such a nice way to give yourself a little break! You have me feeling like I really need to take my kiddos on a hike 🙂

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