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Today I hiked part of the Central & Ziler Loop trails in Cacapon State Park. Accompanied by my usual hiking buddies, Barley and Ziggy, we hiked for an hour, so probably around 3 miles. It’s hard to say for sure since the map isn’t drawn to scale and I used part of one trail and part of another to create a loop back to my car.

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I saw a deer with a huge, super fluffy white tail, and some really cool plants. Does anyone know what the heck this flower is? *Edited to say that it is NOT a pitcher plant, as previously believed 

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After the hike we went to our favorite spot to cool off – the creek near Ridge Trail. I’m glad the dogs like the creek so much because it’s so much easier than giving them a bath after hiking a muddy trail. Barley must have been really hot because he stood chest-deep in the cold water for 20 minutes. He always makes a funny face at me when he’s standing in the water, as if he’s expecting me to do something, like throw a toy or give him a treat. If I throw a stick or rock he’ll go to it, ignore it, then look to me for another. He’s a funny dog.

Sprint PictureMail

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