I’m a VISTA!

What the heck is a VISTA, you may ask? Well, it stands for Volunteers In Service To America and it’s a federally funded, national community service project designed with the ultimate goal of reducing poverty. This is done by sending out  bright young leaders (that’s me!) to work within an established non-profit organization to help them build capacity, and serve their communities more effectively.

I’m working as the Marketing and Communications Director for The Tutoring Center in Lewisburg, WV. You can check out their website here: www.wvtutoring.org. Disclaimer-jazzing this thing up is one of my future projects! So far this week I’ve nearly finished a newsletter and am doing some scholarly research on measures of functioning in children with ASD (Autism Spectral Disorder). If you have any suggestions, I’m all ears!

So far it’s been raining every day, so I don’t have any pictures to show you, but Lewisburg is a fantastic little town with lots of hiking and natural beauty and a healthy arts community. I’ve moved in to an apartment with two great people who work at the Greenbrier Resort (for once Craigslist wasn’t a sleezy failure). It’s only a mile from downtown and is surrounded by woods on all sides in a little niche between Kmart and a fancy schmancy neighborhood. Convenient and pretty 🙂 Pictures to follow…

3 responses to “I’m a VISTA!

  1. Do a google search for Website tempplates or “Free Website tempplates” That can give you a great idea for a redesign of the site. Then all you do is just plug in some info here and there. Just a little design will go a long way.

    Congrats on this! Looks like fun!

  2. hehe, and here is thought you were going to talk about microsoft windows for a sec there!
    So nice to hear everything is playing out so well for you, and that you love the job!

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