Deep water and steep hills

Yesterday I took Barley on his first walk on the Greenbrier River Trail just outside of Lewisburg. He was, as usual, way more energetic than me so I let him off lead as long as no one was around.

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He seemed really eager to get down to the river, perhaps not noticing that the Greenbrier is significantly deeper, wider, and faster than the little streams he’s used to. It’s been raining a lot over the past week, causing the overall level to raise by a few feet.

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In fact, this photograph should show the giant rocks that Chris and Bella and I sat on last time I walked on the trail, but they’re completely under water, creating a nice swirling, gurgling effect as the water rushes over them.

At one point Barley found a clear path to the river and jumped in, only to find himself being carried away, despite his best efforts to stay put. Luckily he managed to make it back to shore. I think if I’d had to jump in to save his butt I might love him a teensy bit less.

We walked for about an hour an half yesterday, so I’d say around 4 miles. I’ve been trying to walk him twice a day, before I go to work and when I get home. I get the sense that he’s a bit meloncholy and out of sorts with the move and I want to make sure he’s getting enough exercise and one-on-one time. Besides that, I’m hoping he’ll be too tired to bark at our new roommates and it’s good exercise for me too.

Every morning I walk him for 20-30 minutes, which means I get at least 2 hours more exercise each week than I’m used to! We live behind the Kmart and Greenbrier Valley Mall (don’t get excited) and I’ve been going this direction because it’s flat and takes the right amount of time, but this morning I decided to go down the hill into the pretty little neighborhood.

According to the signs and the open gates at either end, this is a private road that does not allow thru traffic. Despite there being fewer than 10 houses, we were passed by at least 30 cars on our 1/2 mile walk, almost all of whom waved to me! I was touched by this little nod of kindness, and although I don’t think I’ll take this route very often because of the traffic, and let’s be honest the steeeeeeep hill back to the house that nearly put me into cardiac arrest, it was a nice start to the morning. (steep hills never photograh to the full effect, but I’d say it’s a solid 40 degrees)

I think I might finally understand the pleasure of waking up early(ish), reading the paper with breakfast and taking a walk before work. And all this time I thought those people were crazy!

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