My first quilt show!


Today was the day of the much-awaited charity yard-square quilt auction for the Delectable Mountains Quilt Guild, of which I am a proud member. For the past month, forty-two handmade quilts (4 of which were mine) have been hanging in shop windows around downtown Berkeley Springs, WV. Today they were brought to the Ice House, the local art gallery, and auctioned off with proceeds benefiting Hospice of the Panhandle.

One of my quilts, the first one I ever made, actually, sold for $50. It was the first one, so I’d like to think people were still getting warmed up. 

Unfortunately the lighting in the room where the quilts were auctioned is absolutely horrible for photographs, so I appologize for the quality of the photos! Please don’t hold it against me!




This quilt (above) by Jane Franke sold for more than $600! Jane is a rockstar, and one of my role models!


And this one (above), by Marilyn Moser, sold for over $500.


Sometimes the auctioneer’s assistance would try to sweet talk bidders into staying in, making everyone laugh.


Another of mine, I think this one sold for $80. My sister drew the penguin that I hand appliqued on to the bottom right corner.





Mine again! This one went for $90 and the lady who bought it came up to me afterwards and told me she thought I was a wonderful quilter with a good eye 🙂 That makes me smile an awful lot 🙂 (see!). Check out the dude in the background scouting for bids! Sorry to the auctioneer for the unflattering photo; it’s the best one of the quilt!


This is an action shot! Look at her sell (or pretend to shoot someone?) Mine again, this one is called Acacia and was hand embroidered. Man that was a lot of work! My sisters designed the giraffe and tree. It sold for $75.

In addition to the quilt auction there are tons of gorgeous quilts hanging in an art show in the Ice House.


The zig-zag one on the chair is one that I just made in honor of my nana, as a gift to my sister. The label says, “from elizabeth… to elizabeth… in honor of elizabeth” because we all share the name. I was making it when Nana was in the hospital and decided to give it to my sister to help us remember her. We plan to keep passing it through our family, to future Elizabeths.




I like these because the artist, Ann Darling, doesn’t follow any traditional rules. One day I’m going to try to make something like these!

Traditional and beautiful


Look at the amazing hand applique up close! That is one helluva blanket stitch!


Here the whole quilt. Not typically my style, but I like it.


This one is by Barbara Ann, another new member of the guild, though you wouldn’t know it to look at this!




Here’s another one by me. It has little “taggies” ribbons on it, for babies to work on their motor skills.


Though quilt month is officially over you still have one more chance to visit the quilt show at the Ice House next weekend from 11am-5pm.  I am so unbelievably impressed with the quality of the work done by my fellow quilters. I only started quilting in December, and these ladies have shown me that I certainly have a lot to learn!




3 responses to “My first quilt show!

  1. These are great photos….I enjoyed them. Congrats on selling your quilts. I am sad that I missed all of this with you.

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