As part of the quilt show (see past post), local artists wrote, directed and performed plays related to quilts.  Then ladies from the quilt guild volunteered to create yard square quilts to be raffled off at the end of each play. The show, called Pieceworks, was a huge success!

Because I’m such a sucker for volunteering, I offered to help make the quilts for one of the plays.  I didn’t realize that this meant I would have to piece together 3, countem’ THREEEEE quilt tops in less than two weeks, but I plugged through and it got it done on time. Two of the quilts were quilted by the amazing fiber artist Jane Franke and raffled off, while the third was actually used in the play as a prop.


The play is about 3 sisters and is set during the great depression. The oldest sister suggests that one of the younger sisters should take up sewing to help their mother earn some extra money and the younger sister decides to also learning to quilt.  They don’t have much money, so she uses bits of their old clothing, including the eldest sister’s prom dress that she surely doesn’t need anymore, right?




Well, of course it turns out that she is invited to a fancy ball and needs her dress, which has now been destroyed. The girls improvise and sew on the quilt top to the bottom of the dress, making her the bell of the ball.







This lovely lady was pleased as punch when she won the quilt (I would have been too!). Peeking over her shoulder and holding the proper quilt top is the author of the play, Maureen Mylander, who is also the author of Patch Adams (among other things). How’s that for little snippet of local fame! She asked if she could buy the third quilt from Jane and me! How cool is that!? Coincidentally this nice lady also bought a number of quilts at the auction so my sincerest thanks to her for her support of the art and the guild! (does anyone happen to know her name?)

2 responses to “Pieceworks

  1. wow! I didn’t know your quilts were in a play and it was super cool that you met a famous author.

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