busy busy bee

So it occurred to me the other day that I never actually post about what I’m up to at work, and while this might not be the idea time since I’m actually quite busy for the next 24 hours, I thought I’d get the ball rolling. Hey, what’s one more distraction, right?   


Come on in!  


Tomorrow is our monthly board meeting and I expect we’ll cover a number of issues that involve the work I’m doing, so I’m trying to be as prepared as possible so I can answer everyone’s questions (maybe even before they can ask them!). I’m really looking forward to the meeting, though I wonder if I might be the only one. We have a lot of work to do, and we’re still growing and readjusting and trying to build up the infrastructure that we lack as a result of starting as a mom & pop, home-grown, personally-funded organization.    


Our tutors hanging out with some students on First Day (January 1 celebration)  


Since I started working at The Tutoring Center a month ago, I have….  

* learned how to use CompassLearning Odyssey (CLO) and set up all of the new student and tutor accounts and assigned assessments to them. CLO is one of the methods we use to assess our students’ understanding of the objectives they are supposed to master in their grade level, as governed by the state of WV. It is rather expensive computer software that we have yet to realize the full potential of.  I hate to see good money go to waste, so I’m on a mission to get the most out of this program!  

* created performance evaluations for tutors and the administrative assistant. Tomorrow I’ll try to finish up with the VISTA evaluations and then we’ll be all set for the director to start actually evaluating.  

* done a ton of reading on copywriting, blog/newsletter writing, founder’s syndrome, non-profit strategy and management, google analytics, free consulting help for non-profits, and the like.  

* applied for free web site development from grassroots.org, thanks to a great recommendation from another VISTA, Taylor Alef with Trillium Performing Arts.  

* created surveys for students to fill out at the end of every semester so that we can have a better understanding of their percetions of what they get out of their relationships with the tutors, above and beyond the educational aspect (i.e. positive identity and feelings of support and empowerment).  

*created a number of documents to help with the collection and flow of information, including photo/artwork release forms so I can use more photos in our advertising and on our website, and possibly even try to help publish student work in the local papers.  

* created a newsletter that was then tabled because it cost too much to produce and mail… and then started talking with people about what we should do about this. I’m going to try to move to a shorter e-newsletter that is sent out monthly or bi-monthly as opposed to the 6pg newsletter that is sent out 2-3 times a year and is old news to most of our supporters by the time they receive it. First step: collecting email addresses.  

* started looking at our policies and procedures manual. I’ll be on a committee that edits and completes this manual in the upcoming months.  

* and of course, spent a lot of time getting to know my coworkers and the other VISTAs in the area and the agencies they work for. This is the first step in building partnerships between our agencies (and it’s a heckuvalotta fun!).  


Sallie, one of our homeschooled students  




Wow, seeing it all in that big list makes me feel like I’ve really accomplished something! I hope to keep up the momentum so we can really start to see some strategic development at the Center. It’s such a fantastic organization that really has a lot of heart and talent for serving the students in our community, and I would really like to see it become more sustainable and organized so that we can serve more people, more efficiently, for a long time to come. 




Milo, showing off her solar system project!  

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  1. wow! You are like wonder woman!….. Or obama! That is a big list of accomplishments. I just looked up one for obama and I am impressed…. By you mostly cuz you can quilt too. =P unless obama can quilt then it is a tie.

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