Doggie exercise

Sometimes the dogs need more exercise than my little legs can provide them. At times like these I turn to the car 🙂 Why walk 2 miles, taking more than 30 min of my time, when I can drive? Plus I can go faster, so the dogs get a better workout than I could possibly give them, even at my fastest  run (ha!)… ok, jog… ok, schlep.

Sprint PictureMail

There’s a path behind Duncan and Lorrie’s house (my new home) where they’ve always taken Shep, their border collie/hound dog mix for exercise. It was so cool and lovely the other morning that I decided to give it a go. It was even more beautiful than I expected,  high up on the mountain in a meadow. I’m planning to go back for star gazing as soon as the moon wanes a bit more.

Sprint PictureMail

It’s been very foggy the past few mornings, giving the mountains a sort of magical feel. Usually I sleep until after the fog has burned away, but for some reason I felt like getting up to be a part of it. And so I found myself, driving around in the field and forest, at 7:30am, dogs trailing behind.

Sprint PictureMail

It’s genius!

Sprint PictureMail

On my way back down the hill I noticed hundreds of spider webs, strung up between all of the stalks of straw. The way the light hit the dew was amazing and I had to stop the car and get out for some close ups.

Sprint PictureMail

These are my favorite.


Maybe those morning people are on to something….

2 responses to “Doggie exercise

  1. haha I love your smart thinking! And the mountains look sooo pretty, I am starting to miss them.

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