Star (and moon) Gazing

The stars were amazing last night, and for once in a long while the moon wasn’t there to outshine them, nor the clouds to cover them. I searched and searched for a shooting star, to no avail. I decided to take the opportunity to try to get some photos of the stars, something I’ve wanted to do since my grandad gave me my first Minolta in 5th grade. I left the lens open for 15-30 seconds so it was ridiculous to try to hold the camera and hope for anything clear.

Here’s an attempt at capture a constellation while holding the camera – can anyone name it? 

Instead I propped the camera on my car and set the timer, making it challenging to intentionally frame anything except the brightest stars (or rather, planets).

Here’s a shot I got by lying the camera, lens up, on top of my car. I’m afraid I can’t spot any particular constellations…. can you?




The “star” below was twinkling bright orange and red and white in the sky to the north. I’m not sure what it was, but I like it!

As I was getting ready to go inside I noticed a bright glow coming up from behind the mountain and decided to stay up to capture the moon. I’m certainly glad I did!  I like how you can see the detail on the mountain so clearly, and a reflection of the moon from my lens (the glow is the actual moon, the image to the left is a result of refracted light in my zoom lens and wasn’t actually in the sky).

Taking photos of stars is challenging in the best of conditions, but can produce pretty spectacular results. I shot many in RAW so I’m going to convert and experiment with those later. 

I still can’t believe I can take such cool shots with my Canon! Look at those craters!

Imagine what I could do with a tripod!

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