About a week ago the boy moved for a new job 5 hours away, leaving me with an awful lot more time on my hands that I’ve been used to. I may have been clinging to him ever so slightly from the moment I received the news of his imminent departure until the moment he was pulling away.  Despite missing him, I’m excited about all of this new found time to accomplish all of the things I’ve been thinking about, but never quite getting around to, what with all of the clinging.  At the top of my list were quilting and cooking. I’ve been promising quilts to people left and right all summer, with all the best intentions to start cutting and sewing as soon as it became too cold to go hiking and spend time outside, but of course that fell by the wayside, just like my blogging. More on that later in the week. For now I want to focus on the FOOD!

One of my good friends from Penn State, Brandi Rollins is writing a raw vegan cookbook and asked me to be one of the beta-testers for her. In exchange I get first glance at all of her awesome recipes, I get a free copy of the book (autographed, I hope), and she even put our names on the cover! Initially I thought Brandi wanted us to try all of the recipes and report back to her, but most of the “work” actually involves editing, looking for typos, discussing the content, etc. I actually like doing this so much that I’ve recently started looking into jobs in editing and publishing!

I’ve been pretty busy lately (see previous post for excuses) so I haven’t had much of a chance to try out all of enticing recipes yet, but this is all changing! So far in the past two weeks I’ve made the Donut Holes, Southwest Flatbread Crackers,  Kale Salad, one of the smoothies (though I added keffir so it’s not vegan), and the Breakfast Bars are in the dehydrator now and should be ready in the morning. Because the premise of the book is that eating a raw vegan diet can be affordable, I’m trying to keep track of my expenses to compare what I’ve spent to make each recipe and what Brandi paid.

Right now I’m pretty excited about these crackers/flat bread, and so are all of my roommates! They make the house smell amazing while they are drying, they have a wonderfully crunchy yet chewy texture, great flavor and I can’t believe how healthy they are and how inexpensive they were to make.

Such great colors!

I did modify Brandi’s recipe slightly because I was a bit overwhelmed by the sight of all of those onions (I’m not historically a fan).  I decided to pop everything back in the food processor for another go round and blend everything up a bit more. It ended up looking like this:


After (They were so good that my roommates and I pounced on them before even taking them off of the dehydrator)


Tomorrow, weather permitting, I’m going to make one of her salsas to go with them, though they’re pretty darn yummy on their own so who knows if there will be any left!

You can check out Brandi’s book “Raw Foods on a Budget”, as well as loads of free videos, a few free chapters, and much more at www.rawfoodsonabudget.com. She also has a facebook page where she posts lots of tips and mouth-watering teasers of some of her upcoming recipes.

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