After spending a weekend pretending I don’t have any responsibilities I have a million things to do today so I’ve got to make this quick. I added up the cost of the crackers I made last week – $7.05 for the entire batch, which filled 3 dehydrator trays and lasted over a week of generous sharing with friends, coworkers and roommates. Well worth it! If it was summer and I could have employed more of Brandi’s techniques for saving money (growing my own veggies, buying directly from farmers, etc) I could have made them for even less.

I’ve got another batch of crackers on the drying trays now, though I’m a bit skeptical about the results. I made the mistake of trying to dry fruit at the same time and the apples and bananas taste a wee bit like onions. Also, having so many filled trays made it more difficult for air to circulate properly and part of the mixture started to mold (or at least it looked enough like it might be mold that I threw it away). For some reason there was more bulk this batch and the trays were fuller than they should have been. I also followed the directions and left the onion slices whole instead of blending them in like I did with the last batch.

As a side note, the onion slicing process was nearly the end of me and the boy, who took over 2/3 of the way and reacted so strongly that I thought he was mocking me. Those must have been some especially potent onions because we were both in tears from start to finish…. and 15 minutes later.

Note: Because it’s taken me so long to acutally publish this post, I can report that the crackers turned out great! I prefer the others, but that might be because I forgot the salt until the last minute and just sprinkled it on top, I over filled the trays and they didn’t dry properly, or because I didn’t blend up the onions like I did last time. Either way they’re still pretty darn good and so much healthier than many of the other savory snacks I tend to reach for.

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