Amazing Raw Giveaway

Wow, is giving away a week at Martha’s Vinyard I’ve been trying out raw foods here and there for the past year, but I’ve had trouble fully committing for a few reasons:

1. No one around me is raw and my roommates are always cooking yummy things that they generously share with me

2. I don’t know enough raw meals to fill a whole week (this one is kind of a cop out because there are a lot of great programs available online)

3. I already have so much food in the house that needs to be cooked, so it would be expensive to waste it all and start over. My friend Brandi, author of Raw foods on a budget, has given me a lot of tips.  

4. I still crave sugar and bread and pasta and milk A LOT

5. I don’t know enough about nutrition to make sure I’m getting everything my body needs. I am a child of the food pyramid and I need to keep learning more about how to get protein and calcium if I cut out meat and peanut butter and eggs and dairy. I feel like I need to immerse myself and go for it.

This week at Martha’s Vinyard would be the perfect way to overcome these issues, and yoga on the beach every morning in this beautiful setting would be pretty fantastic, too.   

Fingers crossed!

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