Day 2

Day 2 was not as easy as day 1, partially because I ate less real food, partially because I didn’t have as much exercise, and partially because by the second day I’d already gone 24 hours without food and I am typically a grumpy bunny when I go more than a few hours without food (ask my sisters!).  This used to be because of the H. Pylori, or so I suspect, but it sill creeps in on me sometimes for no apparent reason. I was pretty hungry all day, and the lemonade never made me feel full or satisfied in any way. I like it, it tastes good, but I don’t feel like drinking all that much.

I’ve only been putting 2/3 of the suggested maple syrup in. I can’t imagine drinking it with the full amount. The point is to try to cut back on sugar, right?  I make it up in a Gatorade bottle, which should have 8T, but I only put in 6T. I also tried it with half lime/half lemon juice last night, which I like more.

I had a lot of doubts today as to whether I should continue the Cleanse. I’m not sure how much of it was my being a pansy and craving food and how much of it was me listening to my body telling me it’s a bad thing for me right now.  I’m going to give it another day and see if I feel any better. It seemed like everything and everyone pointed to yummy food. People were posting pictures and recipes on facebook, people on tv shows were baking and cooking up a storm, oh it was just too much! Perhaps tomorrow I’ll just quilt and listen to music, no temptation.

My next yoga class will be on Monday, but maybe I can go buy the mat today and get started at home. Surely I can find a youtube or nexflix video to follow along with.

Day 2 Stats:

* Walked 45 minutes with Barley and 30 min with Tripp

* 7 glasses of “lemonade” – 1 in the morning, 4 between the hours of 6-9pm, and 2 more right before bed in an effort to make myself feel less nauseated (worked a bit).

* 1/2 glass of smoothie (about 1 cup)

* handful of banana chips

* 1 serving of pretzels (110 calories)

* 1 cup tea

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