Day 3 of Master Cleanse

Until about 15 min ago when I drank a liter of salt water, I thought Day3 was the worst part of the MC. Yesterday, I was nauseous and grumpy and feeling kind of weak all day, and the cravings were even worse than the second day. I couldn’t take the nausea and ate some saltines in the afternoon. I had major doubts about whether or not I should continue the Cleanse- I can’t tell if I should listen as my body begs for solid food to get rid of the nausea, or if this is part of the process and something I need to fight though. Chris encouraged me to see it through to the end of the day, and I’m glad he’s cheering me on and glad that I did make it through the end of the day. I also stopped feeling guilty about needing a little bit of food. I know the Cleanse doesn’t work as well if you cheat, but it’s better than quitting altogether, right?

I looked at the MC website and saw that many people find days 2 and 3 the most difficult in terms of cravings. Perhaps it’s common to experience physical cravings as nausea? The psychological/emotional cravings are almost amusing. I’m still highly attuned to any mention of food in books, magazines, tv shows, facebook, etc.

Day 3 Stats:

* 8 cups of “lemonade”

* 1.5 cups tea

* 6 saltine crackers (without salt)

* 1/2 cup miso soup with one piece of baby bok choy.

* 1/2 of one fettuccine noodle. Chris was eating right next to me and it was so tempting!

* 3 mile walk with Barley-before you cheer me on for the distance, you should know that I was walking to pick up some lemon balm from a freecycler and didn’t realize they lived so far away. Also it was almost 100 degrees out and my dog nearly passed out, which resulted in him jumping into the cesspool known as the Italian Lake to cool off.

* 1 hour bathing dog as a result of muddy swim. I consider this exercise. It took three shampoos and I’m still finding little piles of silt and sticks where he sleeps.

* 6 mile bike ride with Chris- I could feel myself moving slower and being generally more lethargic than our last ride on the same trail.

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