Day 4 – Master Cleanse

Day 4 was much easier than the previous days. I had fewer cravings, almost no nausea, and none of the side effects that I was expecting based on what I’d read on the website (some people feel cold-like symptoms-headache, runny nose, etc., supposedly as the toxins are all leaving your body). On the whole I felt pretty good. I wouldn’t go so far as to say I felt extraordinarily energetic or cheerful or healthy, but I wasn’t grumpy and hungry like on days 2 and 3.  I worked diligently on my new reversible quilted placemats (post to follow as soon as they’re finished), and kept myself distracted with episodes of Big Love, a great HBO drama about polygamists trying to live a normal life in Utah.

I didn’t eat any food at all, and didn’t feel an urge or need to, until about 6pm when Chris started cooking. I decided I was going to let myself have some veggies, and am glad I did- they were good! There are a lot of criticisms about how foolish the diet is because you’re basically starving yourself and how unhealthy it is to eat sugar water for 10 days. There are also a lot of praises, and clear explanations as to why these particular ingredients are healthy. I’m on the fence, so I’m allowing myself a few concessions to the diet.

The only downside to the whole day was that this was the day I decided to try the Salt Water Flush (SWF), a procedure that involves drinking a liter of salt water and then … ahem… expelling it, alone with any toxins or whathaveyou. The author of suggests that it’s best to “pound it” or chug it quickly all in one go, while others suggest a straw helps get it down without having to taste the salt too much.  My hat goes off to anyone who can get through the whole thing in less than 5 minutes, let alone one go. I was chugging along until I felt I couldn’t take it anymore and was horrified to see I’d barely made it past the top of the label on my re-used water bottle. I had more than 3/4 left to go! I tried the straw, but that was worse. I could taste it just the same, but my gag reflex was kicked into high gear. Sometimes it’s NOT a good thing to be such a mindful eater.

All told, it took me at least five minutes to get through half, and then another 15 minutes to finish it off. I ended up sitting on the rug on the bathroom floor reading a magazine while I drank, in case it all came back up. I even had to keep rinsing my mouth out, just so I could keep going.  I was determined to get through the rest of the damn bottle, because otherwise the first half was pointless and I’d suffered for no reason. It reminded me of my second year of grad school, to be honest. In the end, everything worked as it was supposed to, but like grad school, I’m in no rush to try it again. I think I’ll skip that part of the detox, but kudos to those who do it every day of the Cleanse.

Day 4 Stats:

* 9 glasses of “lemonade”

* 1 cup tea

* 1 mile brisk walk with Barley

* handful of banana chips (seriously, dehydrated bananas are just so good! I scored 4.5 lbs of ripe bananas for $.99 at the Uptown Market yesterday and went to work dehydrating more. I also froze some for smoothies made in my new fancy-schmancy Vitamix blender)

* 1/2 cup sugar snap peas and bok choi, lightly sauteed to perfection by Chris.

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