Master Cleanse- Day 5

Day 5 was the easiest so far. I didn’t have any problems with nausea, cravings, or hunger. I even forgot I was on the diet during the middle of the day, hence the arugula I ate when I accidentally pulled a few leaves with the weeds. I did have a mild headache right before I went to yoga, but I don’t necessarily think it was related to the Cleanse.

I haven’t taken the Nexium for my tummy for the past two days, and haven’t felt any nausea, but again, this may have nothing to do with the Cleanse. The medicine can build up in your system and continue to have positive effects even if you’re not taking it anymore.

I’ve also been using only 2/3 of the maple syrup (because it seems like way too much sugar) and double the cayenne pepper (because I like it).

Day 5 Stats:

* 6 cups of “lemonade”

* 1 cup tea

* small handful of fresh raspberries from my CSA share

* few pieces of arugula during my 3 hour weeding session

* small handful of stir-fried sugar snap peas from our CSA

* 3 hours weeding an arugula patch at Joshua Farm- lots of great leg stretching

* 30 min walk with Barley

* 1.5 hour Sequence Yoga at The Movement Center

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