Master Cleanse Day 6 – the end

Day 6 was pretty easy, but I was feeling like it was enough. I’d had enough lemonade, I felt like many of my cravings were gone, I felt refreshed (enough), and my continuing doubt of the lack of nutrients that were going into my body were all adding up. Plus, I was out of syrup. I think part of me felt like because it was easy now, it wasn’t doing anything. I’m sure that’s not the case, and I probably would have had even better results if I’d gone on longer, but I feel for my first cleanse or fast or self-starvation or whatever you want to call it, 6 days wasn’t too bad. If I do this or another cleanse in the future, I will try to go for a complete 10 days, as suggested.

Overall results: I do feel slimmer, but as I do not own a scale, I can’t say for sure whether I actually lost any weight, or whether the results will last. Chris says he also noticed a difference, but I think maybe he’s just being nice. I think the thing I’ve really gained is the practice of will-power to not just run to the fridge and shove whatever I’m craving into my mouth immediately. I don’t think I was an especially unhealthy eater before this, but maybe this will help me to see that I can go without the foods that I wasn’t willing to give up, even though I know they are not the best for me.  I’m planning to drink a lot of water and maybe even keep track of it like I did the lemonade. I’m also planning to keep track of how much exercise I do. Another, inadvertent, benefit was that I actually blogged for six days in a row! In a way, this has been harder for me than going without the foods that I crave. I have a few quilting projects in the works that I’ve been meaning to write about and I just need to do it. Maybe I’ll have built up a bit of a good blogging habit in the process of the Cleanse. Maybe not, let’s see how long those results last, too.


Day 6 Stats:

* 45 min walk with Barley

* 30 min foot-fitness class

* 4.5 mile bike ride to the Mexican restaurant (you can tell this will not result in lemonade, right?)

* 6 glasses of “lemonade”

* stir-fried sugar-snap peas

* 2 margaritas

* Chips and salsa and tamales and beans and salad with a yummy salsa dressing

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