Further troubles with Jalapeno Jelly

Now that my hands have stopped burning and I’ve purchased a significant quantity of pectin, vinegar, apple juice, and my very own canning kit, I have another dilemma. I can’t decide which recipe to use. The problems are thus:

1. I’m interested in using apple juice instead of sugar and pectin, but I don’t have fresh apples and most of the recipes that use this technique only call for 4 or 5 jalapenos. I have about 30.

2. There are many interesting combinations of jalapeno + apple/rapsberry/cherry that I’d like to try. In other words, there are too many options!

3. I never want to touch a jalapeno again, so this might be my only shot at this jelly!

4. I realized this morning that most of my jars are in the storage space in the basement and I have no idea where the key is. This isn’t related to the recipe, per se, but it’s pretty important.

I’m thinking of trying my own recipe and actually writing down what I do, in case it turns out well and I want to replicate it (after getting over the trauma of chemical burns on my hands).  I get the sense that making jelly is the sort of thing you can ad lib if you understand the basics.

In other canning news, I’m also planning to pickle cherries today. I have  a good feeling about this.

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