Kimono robe

I have wanted a silky kimono robe for years now, but I can never find one I like. Either they are too long, too short, made from cheap fabric, embellished with beads and lace, or way overpriced. I figured it might make sense to try and make my own.

I’ve always wanted to sew clothing,but am concerned about getting things to fit right, given my laissez-faire attitude about measuring and my inability to make sense of paper patterns that I think stems more from fear than actual lack of skill. A robe just might be the perfect first project, since the sizing seems so forgiving. The problem I have now is that I can’t FIND a pattern! How can there be so many creative sewers out there and no decent pattern for a robe?! The only conclusion I can draw is that the good sewers don’t feel they need a pattern, given what a simple article of clothing it is. I did find written instructions, no photos or specific measurements, but I’m hesitant to start cutting without knowing what I might end up with. Plus the fabric I bought isn’t quite long enough to make the body piece without cutting and sewing back together. Sigh.

It’s time to walk the dog, but when I get back I will resume my hunt for a robe pattern. In the meantime, here’s the fabric I picked out. What do you think?


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