Crack Pie

Oh my goodness. You have to try this pie! Or maybe you should stay away-it’s dangerous! They call it “Crack” pie because once you’ve had your first bite, you can’t stop. Seriously. You will NOT be able to stop. In an evil twist, you are supposed to let the pie cool overnight (!!!) but then it tastes better warm, so you have to take it out and let it warm up to room temperature. So much waiting! (You may remember that I like instant gratification, a la refrigerator pickles)

Waiting proved difficult, as evidenced here:

I know it’s not much to look at, but man is it YUMMY! The best I can describe it is like a combination of at oatmeal cookie and creme brulee with a caramel sauce. That doesn’t do it justice, but it should get your mouth watering.





2 responses to “Crack Pie

    • I’ll fix this today. It wasn’t supposed to post yet. I thought it was still in “draft” mode. Thanks! It IS delicious. I recommend eating it as soon as it cools off enough to put in your mouth. Others said to wait, but I disagree.

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