Tomatoes part 1

I realize I never filled you in on what I actually did with all of those tomatoes! Here’s them before, a half bushel of red and yellow joy from Strite’s Orchard. I got lucky- they had a half bushel of “seconds” with minor blemishes for only $6!


Some were sliced up and dehydrated. There were some casualties when the power was cut, but I got lots of them into the freezer. Aren’t they pretty?


After: Significantly smaller and sweeter and delish! I’m enjoying some of them on my Sweet Pepper and Collards salad right now. Stay tuned for another post tomorrow on my ventures into eating Raw on a budget with Brandi Rollins.


Some were made into salsa, with all of the lovely peppers from my CSA at Joshua Farm. I used vidalia onions because they were on their last leg and needed to be used up. This may have been a mistake. It definitely had an effect on the taste, making the whole thing a bit sweeter than I’d prefer, but overall it still turned out pretty good. I think I’ll add more heat next time. I’m a bit wary of jalapenos after my experiences making jelly, but I think I was too cautious and ended up with a rather mild salsa.


Look at all that yummy goodness! The onions, garlic, cilantro, and jalapenos are from the CSA too. I used this recipe.


Some were peeled and squished whole into jars. And I cooked some down into tomato sauce that is the best darn thing I’ve ever tasted. I used onions, oregano, basil, and garlic from our CSA. Inspired by the lady at, I decided not to peel or seed the tomatoes for the tomato sauce. I have to admit that I don’t like to eat the tomato peels, but they come off and roll up, making them easy to avoid when eating.


And all of those yellow ones (sungolds and larger ones) were made into tomato jam. This stuff was so good that I made another, bigger batch. I was skeptical of tomato jam, but I’m being adventurous in my canning and I was rewarded. You can find the recipe over at Food In Jars.


All in all not bad for $6 (plus the initial investment in some more jars and lids). Tomorrow I’ll post pictures of the final products.


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