Fried zucchini blossoms



Why have I waited so long to try these!? And how long will it take those plants to make me more blossoms so I can eat them again!? It probably has something to do with the fact that eating flowers seems very weird to me. And because I spend a good deal of time looking for cucumber beetles in the bright yellow flowers that seem to be so appealing to them.


Choose male blossoms (the ones with the thin stems) rather than female blossoms that will eventually turn into zucchini, or pumpkin or yellow squash for that matter. I used all three and couldn’t taste a difference. Leave a few to promote pollination. Select bright yellow blossoms in their prime, either immediately before or after opening. Cut the stem a few inches down so you have something to grab onto rather than popping them off at the base like I did. Try to cut them immediately before you plan to cook them because they get wilt pretty fast. If you have to wait put them in a ziplock with a damp paper towel.

The blossom on the right hasn't opened yet. They are easier to work with and it's much less likely that any critters have been in there.

The blossom on the right hasn’t opened yet. They are easier to work with and it’s much less likely that any critters have been in there.

Here’s the recipe before I forget. As usual I looked at a lot of recipes and used the best parts to make my own. Also as usual I didn’t measure anything. Don’t panic. It will all be okay. Embrace the fact that you can’t really screw this up. Make a batter, mix up some cheese, stuff, and fry. This is only one way to make it work.


Two scoops of flour (approx 1/3 cup)

Two scoops of cornstarch (approx 1/3 cup)

Two pinches of baking powder (approx 1/2 -1 tsp)

Pinch of cayenne pepper (approx 1/4 tsp) – next time I’ll put more because I couldn’t really taste any heat

Salt and pepper

Enough white wine to thin the batter to the consistency of heavy whipping cream. You can also use beer or sparkling water.


Equal parts ricotta and mozzarella cheese (approx 1/3 cup of each)

Half as much parmesan cheese

Two pinches of italian seasoning, or whatever herbs and spices you want to use.

Zest of one lemon (don’t skip on this, it really added some zesty flavor)

Salt and pepper

Lemon juice and kosher salt for squeezing and sprinkling on later

1. Mix up the batter and let it rest for a bit. Mix up the filling.

2. Gently open the blossom and snip off the anther.  Apparently they are bitter.

3. Using a small teaspoon fill each blossom and close the petals around the mixture.

4. Heat the oil over medium/medium-low heat. All of the recipes I saw said 4 inches, but I used half an inch and flipped them after a few minutes.

5. Dip each blossom in the batter and then carefully place in the hot oil. Watch out for spatter!

6. Remove with tongs and place on a paper towel to dry. I recommend squeezing lemon juice over them and sprinkling on some kosher salt. Let them cool only as long as it takes to make sure you don’t burn your mouth. Enjoy!

Fried zucchini blossoms stuffed with lemon ricotta and mozzarella

Fried zucchini blossoms stuffed with lemon ricotta and mozzarella. They don’t photograph well but they taste amazing!


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