About me…

My name is Tamar (pronounced like lion “tamer”) and I’ve relocated to Harrisburg, PA in search of new adventures. I just finished a year of service as a VISTA volunteer for the Tutoring Center in Lewisburg, WV, and now I’m moving on to the next phase of my life.  Exactly what that means is yet to be determined, but I know that it will include sewing, cooking (and un-cooking), yoga, reading, gardening, and spending time with a wonderful man. Hopefully it will also soon include a fulfilling job that allows me to develop professionally while giving back to society and the community around me.

I’m part photographer, part writer (though 100% freaked out by it), part quilter, part creator of crafty things, part cook, part dog owner/reader/hiker/small town (and now city) explorer. This blog is a chronicle. I can’t promise that it will be cohesive or clever all the time, but just like me, it’s a work in progress and will hopefully improve with time.

I write because I’m happy. I write because I’m angry. I write because it makes me feel better. I write because I have to get it all out of my head (only so I can fill it back up again). I write because I feel like I should. And as much as I hate to admit it, I write so you’ll read what I write and occassionally connect with it in some way.


3 responses to “About me…

  1. you forgot part awesome big sister! I know you will always be there for your little sisters (me, and that other one lol). Even though you are going through this really stressful part of life kinda far away(ish), I hope you know we are always there for you. ❤ <- it's a heart… You see? WE LOOOOOOOVE YOUUUU!!!

  2. Hi Tamar,
    I’ve enjoyed hearing about the Master Cleanse. I’m looking into possibly trying the Blueprint Cleanse. Have you heard of it? What are you up to these days? I think I heard you are in the DC area? Is that still true? I’m back on the East Coast (although I did leave DC, head to the mid-west and land back in NJ of all places) and would love to reconnect. Hope you are doing well.

    Take care,
    Heather (Penn State)

  3. Hi Tamar,

    I wanted to chat with you about Zomato in Philly–we’re a really innovative restaurant review system with a foodie social network built in. I can’t seem to find your email address listed, but I’d love for you to email me to find out how you can be a part of the Zomato Philly community 🙂

    Kelley Galloway

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