I like to read

At the end of every year I like to reflect on all of the books I’ve read that year. I’d like to say that it’s because I’m so thoughtful and studious, but mostly it’s because I like to accomplish things and I’ve always taken pride in the number of books I’ve read.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t JUST read in order to rack ’em up; I genuinely love to read and I spend a lot of time seeking out great books. Since high school I’ve been chipping away at both the banned book list and the list of 100 books you’re supposed to read before you die, according to various bookish authorities.

Books read (*or listened to) in 2011 

1. As I lay dying- William Faulkner

2. Half the Sky – Nicholas D. Kristof & Sheryl Wudunn

3. Fight Club* – Chuck Palahniuk

4. The Girl Who Played with Fire – Stieg Larsson

5. Pippi Longstocking

6. Pippi in the South Seas

7. When Mountains Walked*  – Kate Wheeler

8. Black and Blue*  – Anna Quindlen

9. Plain Truth*  – Jodi Picoult

10. Anthem* – Ayn Rand


Here are some books I WANT to read, but haven’t gotten around to yet. There are so many more than what I’ve listed here, but I always go blank when I’m put on the spot. Please, please, please make suggestions!

Short List: 

Animal Vegetable Mineral

Babbitt – Sinclair Lewis

The Jungle – Upton Sinclair



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